A study of a totalitarianism government

The National Socialist Movement, however, limits its sphere of internal activity to those individuals who belong to one people and it refuses to allow the members of a foreign race to wield an influence over our political, intellectual, or cultural life.

But on the other side there are hundreds of thousands of workers, with their wives and children. There is no economic theory or opinion which can claim to be considered as sacrosanct.

Difference Between Communism and Totalitarianism

Seeing that we insist on the national importance of the function which our economic system fulfils, it naturally follows that the former disunion between employer and employee can no longer exist.

By this process of selection, which will follow the laws of Nature and the dictates of human reason, those among our people who show the greatest natural ability will be appointed to positions in the political leadership of the nation.

I demand from every German workman that he shall not have any relations with these international mischief-makers and he shall never see me clinking glasses or rubbing shoulders with them.

The book press and the newspaper press, lectures and art, the theatre and the cinema, they are all organs of popular education.

Criticism of capitalism

There was one exception and in that case it would probably have been better to have been content with talk. He is a man of many imperfections, but he is confident that Christ will perfect the work He began in him. For it there is a demand today for very many million tons of coal more than formerly, this is not for the purpose of superheating the houses of a few millionaires to a couple of thousand degrees, but rather because millions of our German countrymen are thus enabled to purchase more coal for themselves with their increased income.

Between these two extreme poles the idea of defending the larger interests of the community was introduced very timidly and under the cloak of an appeal to reasons of state.

Some ten years afterwards our people began again to increase in number. Indeed, it is its duty to do so. That is what we did.

Difference Between Communism and Totalitarianism

He theorized that space, time, and causality were not absolute principles but only a function of the brain, concepts parallel to the scientific discoveries of relativistic physics two generations later.

This is probably the first time and this is the first country in which people are being taught to realize that, of all the tasks which we have to face, the noblest and most sacred for mankind is that each racial species must preserve the purity of the blood which God has given it.

For since it is said that England must be defended on the frontier of the Rhine she would then have found herself in close contact with that harmless democratic world of Moscow, whose innocence they are always trying to impress upon us.

Human beings have free will only in the sense that everyone is the free expression of a will and that we therefore are not the authors of our own destinies, characters, or behavior, he wrote.


As kleptocracies often embezzle money from their citizens by misusing funds derived from tax paymentsor engage heavily in money laundering schemes, they tend to heavily degrade quality of life for citizens.

I greatly regret that the British Foreign Secretary did not categorically state that there was not one word of truth in those calumnies about Morocco which had been spread by these international war mongers.

Why Liberalism Is Just Passive-Aggressive Totalitarianism

Supposing another case arose in which it turned out impossible to establish the truth so readily, what then would happen? In speaking of armaments it would be well to mention in the first instance the armaments possessed by that Power which sets the standard for the armaments of all others.

Which receive foreign aid from the Soviet Union? Destiny has often decreed that men who have a special mission to fulfill must be lonely and deserted. It is obvious that in times of general prosperity the value of certain territories may decrease, but it is just as evident that in times of distress such value increases.

Now, Germany had these colonies only for a few decades. I am the responsible leader of the German people and must safeguard its interests in this world as well as I can.

Through the establishment of these new States new tensions have naturally arisen. Let us also remember that this once flourishing land was pillaged, dismembered and devastated, that its cities were burned down, its hamlets and villages laid waste, that its fields were left uncultivated and barren.

It is not for men to discuss the question of why Providence created different races, but rather to recognize the fact that it punishes those who disregard its work of creation.

Who asked them if they wished to belong to some other Power? Throughout the whole nation there is a tremendous urge toward productive activity. Now, in the first place, I should like to assure Mr.

Roosevelt, July 30, The balance of power our founding fathers so brilliantly contrived … has functioned like a gyroscope to keep us from plunging irretrievably into anarchy or despotism —John R.

The fields were ploughed once more. And that danger comes from those who are themselves active in that sphere.Question: "What does the Bible say about government?" Answer: The Bible speaks very clearly about the relationship between the believer and the government.

We are to obey governmental authorities, and the government is to treat us justly and fairly. Even when the government does not live up to its. Return to the Teacher’s Guide.

Nazi Fascism and the Modern Totalitarian State. Synopsis. The government of Nazi Germany was a fascist, totalitarian state. Totalitarian regimes, in contrast to a dictatorship, establish complete political, social, and cultural control over their subjects, and are usually headed by a charismatic leader.

NOTE: BRIEF STATEMENT OF PUBLICATIONS PRINCIPLES. The World Future Fund serves as a source of documentary material, reading lists and internet links from different points of view that we believe have historical significance.

Editor's note: Section headings and bold print have been placed in this document by the WFF. This translation is based on the U.S. government's Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service, Federal Communications Commission. Br. Aurelius Moner is a Catholic monk who was has left the "nice" philosophy of Liberalism behind, having come to understand that the judgment, authority and strength of the Patriarchy is necessary to save civilization from "nice" people.

The governance of nations differs significantly based on who has power. This lesson will differentiate five forms of government: monarchy, democracy, oligarchy, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism.

A study of a totalitarianism government
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